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HDPE WorkboatS

Most people test drive a car before buying it.
What makes buying a boat different?

Take a test drive in one of our HDPE workboats. We believe that you’ll be hooked as soon as you test drive one of our demo boats with an HDPE hull and discover how fast and light they are on the water. When the time comes to buy, you will know exactly what you are getting, a workboat with an HDPE Tideman hull that is “Built to Last”.

Features of Workboats


Workboats can be adapted for a wide variety of tasks. They are used in industries such as commercial fishing, offshore oil and gas, marine construction, harbor maintenance, dredging, search and rescue, and many others.


Workboats are built to withstand harsh conditions at sea or other water bodies. Workboats constructed with HDPE hulls ensure longevity and reliability.

Payload Capacity

Workboats typically can carry substantial loads, equipment, or personnel, depending on their intended purpose. This might involve transporting cargo, towing other vessels, or accommodating a crew of workers.

Specialized Equipment

Workboats may be equipped with specialized machinery or tools for their specific function. For example, a search and rescue boat is often equipped with medical supplies, flares, and other emergency items, while a research vessel may be equipped with scientific instrumentation.

Safety Features

Due to the demanding and often hazardous nature of their work, workboats usually have safety features in place, including life-saving equipment, navigation aids, and communication systems.

Types of Workboats

Workboats are vessels designed and used primarily for various tasks and operations in marine environments. These boats are typically not intended for recreational or passenger purposes. They are for a wide range of work-related activities. They play crucial roles in industries that rely on water access and are essential for transportation, construction, resource extraction, research, and maintenance in aquatic settings.

Designed for commercial fishing, with features like fishing nets, storage for catch, and fish processing facilities.

These vessels are typically used by scientists, researchers, and marine professionals to conduct various studies and investigations in rivers, lakes, coastal areas, and open seas

Used primarily to transport personnel and equipment to and from offshore installations, such as oil rigs, wind farms, or other offshore facilities. These boats are typically smaller and more agile than larger vessels and are optimized for the safe and efficient transfer of crew members, technicians, and cargo to remote offshore locations.

A specialized vessel used in maritime operations to transport naval pilots to and from ships navigating through ports, harbors, or other restricted waterways.Survey: Equipped with sonar and other equipment for underwater surveys and mapping.

Equipped for conducting search and rescue operations at sea, in lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water and are employed by various organizations, such as coast guards, naval forces, and other emergency response agencies


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Tideman Marine HDPE hull work boat at a dock in a marina