Innovative. Sustainable. Durable.

Innovative. Sustainable. Durable.

Tideman Marine HDPE hulls and custom marine products made in the USA and built to last.



HDPE hulls are resistant to high impacts, they are sledgehammer tough and create a marine vessel that is smart and long lasting.


HDPE materials are 100% recyclable and have a carbon footprint 5 times lower than alloy.


HDPE is less dense than water (.93 – .97g/cm3), rest assured your boat will stay afloat even in the toughest conditions.

Zero Corrosion

HDPE features zero corrosion, electrolysis, or delamination, resists fouling, is easily maintained, and offers 50-year UV protection.

Safety Conscious

HDPE offers superior impact and vibration absorption, reducing personnel fatigue out on the water.

Lower Maintenance

HDPE has no need for dent or gelcoat repairs and no painting or polishing, so less time in the boat yard and more time on the water.


Check it out: There are over 200 Tideman Boats all over the world, spanning the seven seas. We are adding boats to the North American region now with our hulls. Made in the USA.

Tideman Marine HULLS

Browse our original hull designs and explore your options to customize.

RBB 700

RBB 900

LC 800

LC 1000

RBB 1100

RBB 1200

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Experience the benefits & performance of an HDPE workboat for yourself.

image collage of HDPE barge being build in a factory setting, HDPE fenders on the side of a boat, and solar panels on an HDPE barge in a wooded lake setting


Marine Products

The benefits of durable, sustainable, lightweight, low-maintenance, HDPE can revolutionize large marine components on the water. Learn how Tideman Marine can custom fabricate your project with HDPE and improve your marine design, long-term.

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Private Labeling

We understand that every business in the boating world has its unique identity and branding aspirations. With our Private Labeling program, we are putting the power back into the hands of boat manufacturers, dealers, and distributors, allowing them to showcase their individuality and expertise through our exceptional standard HDPE boat hull designs.

The possibilities are endless, and the future of the marine industry is waiting to be shaped by your vision. Dive into the world of Tideman Marine Private Labeling and embark on a journey where quality, innovation, and individuality meet on the open waters.



From the Sea

Tideman Marine is one of the world’s leading HDPE marine product manufacturers.


Tideman Marine & Silverback Marine Provide Blue Ocean Mariculture with a HDPE Work Boat
Tideman Marine booth #763 at the International Work Boat Show featuring a Tideman Boat skiff and 9-meter hull on display!