Custom Boat hulls

Convert your Design to a HDPE

The hull design is an important part of any boat-building project. Many boat builders use aluminum and steel to construct their custom boat hulls, but now there is an alternative: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet. HDPE is a strong, lightweight material that can create a durable, long-lasting boat hull. Converting an existing boat hull design to use an HDPE sheet is a straightforward process that can provide several benefits.

HDPE sheet is easy to work with and assemble, making it an ideal material for work custom boat hulls. It is corrosion-resistant and stands up to the elements better than aluminum or steel. Additionally, HDPE sheet is much lighter than traditional materials, which can help reduce the work boat’s overall weight. Its lightness makes transportation and maneuvering easier and reduces fuel costs. Upgrade your work boat with an HDPE sheet hull and experience the benefits for yourself. Click here to learn more about custom marine products.

Custom Boat Hulls by Tideman Showcase

River Ridge Ventures

River Ridge Ventures supplies revolutionary inflatable jet boats, motors and accessories.These boats get access to rivers where conventional aluminum jet boats can’t operate. Now Tideman Marine supplies HDPE 16′ custom boat hulls now offering a boat built to last!  These hulls are outfitted with motors and accessories for the adventurer, fisherman and hunter. Contact River Ridge Ventures for more information.

16’ Tunnel Hull Boat

Auggies Boats

Auggie’s Boats came to Tideman Marine with an unique design.  A pond skimmer custom boat hull.  A High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pond skimmer is a device designed to remove debris, contaminants, and floating debris from the surface of a pond, lake, or other water bodies. It plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality, aesthetics, and the overall health of aquatic ecosystems. Contact Auggies’s Boats for more information.

Waypoint Boat Works

Waypoint Boat Works wanted to offer skiffs that are modular and offer boaters a durable and versatile hull design and provide them what they need.  End users can choose to add a center console or an extended front deck for some fishing.  In addition to an HDPE hull, options include HDPE dive doors and handrails.  All Waypoint boats with HDPE custom boat hulls are self-draining. These boats will not sink! For more information, contact Waypoint Boat Works.

16’ SKIFF with hdpe hull