Silverback Marine

Here is what Ian Gracey from Silverback Marine had to say about working with us on their first Tideman Marine hull.

“The Blue Ocean project was one of our most noteworthy projects of 2022. What was particularly special about this project was how well it was executed considering the number of “firsts”. As the first Tideman HDPE vessel built in the USA, the client also had a demanding list of special requirements, including dive access, storage, and a bold, aggressive aluminum superstructure to complement the euro-inspired lines that Tideman hulls are known for.

For the first client (Blue Ocean Mariculture) to be so high profile is truly inspiring and a testament in itself- an excellent case study to put the Tideman line to the test. At Silverback Marine, we expect these HDPE hulls to dramatically impact the industry. Our entire team of seasoned boatbuilders was completely impressed with the product. The durability is unmatched- combined with the design, performance, and the A-Team at Tideman Marine behind it, it’s going to change the way we think of workboats between 20’ and 50’ in nearly all sectors of commercial maritime.

Silverback Marine expects to see the Tideman Marine line extremely well received particularly in dive, tender, and tug-assist applications where durability is paramount. In addition to offering outfitting, electrical & systems, and superstructure install for Tideman Marine hulls, Silverback is also working with the Tideman on facilitating market service to the west coast, Alaska and Hawaiian regions,” said Ian Gracey, Silverback Marine.  Read more about this project here.